Thursday, April 9, 2009

AQ-IITI Part 1: Digital Literacy in Education

Integration of Information Technology in Instruction: Part 1

AQ for Teachers

Integration of Information Technology in Instruction Part I (formerly Computers in the Classroom), will provide teachers with skills in exploring information and communication technology and making curriculum connections. This Additional Qualification course is an introductory course primarily intended for elementary and secondary teachers who are interested in learning how to extend and enrich students’ learning through information and communication technology. It focuses on the theory and practice underpinning the delivery of curriculum through the integration of information and communication technology within the classroom setting. We will use this WIKI throughout the course - to share information and collaborate.

1. Course Overview

2. Weekly Assignments

3. Professional Reviews

4. Case Studies

5. Home-School Tool

6. Culminating Task

7. Makeup Reviews

8. Class Calendar

9. Course Readings

10. New Books

11. Course Rubrics

12. **Ontario S & P**

13. **Resources**

14. **CommonCraft**

15. **SuperNews**

16. The Links

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