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Mind, Body, and Soul

The whole student ... Mind, Body, and Soul ... The student is the curriculum, our community is the world, and we are called to walk the talk and be disciples of Christ in what we say, and more importantly, in what we do!
Epiphany’s academic program is augmented with a variety of co-curricular activities and expectations for the whole child to grow - socially, spiritually, emotionally, and academically ... By utilizing the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations and our Catholic Social Teachings in discernibly visible and authentic manners, we believe our students will be good global citizens in union with God's creations and all that is good. In short, our students will be ready for life as a disciple of Jesus and a citizen of this great country we call home.

TCDSB Pastoral Plan (2015-2018)
Harmonizing our Faith Through Family, Parish and School2015 TogetherWithOneVoice Banner.jpg


Through Family, Parish and School
Almighty and Ever-loving God,
We give you thanks
for the blessings of our Families, where the seed of faith is planted;
for the Body of Christ, the Church, where faith is celebrated;
and for our Schools, where faith is nurtured.
Lord, we believe that Catholic Education is at its best
when Families, Parishes and Schools
play, pray and work together
to spread the Good News to all.
Help us to imitate the unity of the Trinity
as we continue to grow in our faith and love towards you,
and to one another.
Through the guidance of the Holy Family,
the model of all Christian families,
and the intercession of all the Saints,
may our Families, Parishes and Schools
remain places where the Gospel is shared
with joy, courage and love.
We pray through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Family, Parish and School Prayer in PDF 

Family Life Program (Fully Alive):

Religious Education Program:

Curriculum Links between Health & Physical Education and  Fully Alive Program:

Kids Caught doing good ... watch this:

The Catholic Social Teachings
Catholic Social Teachings.pdfCatholic Social Teachings.pdf 

You can watch a presentation on Catholic Social Teachings by clicking on either of the links below:

This program was begun by Servant of God, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC with a Rosary campaign to send 1 million Rosaries to Russia. Since the campaign began in September 1991 they have expanded the program all around the world and have sent approximately 20 million Rosaries to families, schools, parishes on every continent. Our own students received Rosaries from the program back in 2012-2013.
Learn to pray the Rosary with our unique interactive Rosary, with audio of the entire prayer.

Rosary Day (Virtue Gatherings)

Visit this website and learn how to pray the Rosary, what it means, and learn the prayers.  This is an interactive Rosary.    


The Virtues of the Month
Click the document below and then choose your month for more information:

The Catholic School Graduate Expectations

Here you will find posters of the Catholic School Graduate Expectations. Also provided are links to our Catholic Social Teachings (around for over 100 years) that we constantly refer to in our school.  It's not enough to read about them, you have to enact them.  Walk the talk.  When viewing the CGEs through the lense of the 21st Century Fluencies, one sees how appropriate and applicable they are for all educational stake holders.  The video shorts are no longer than 2 minutes in length.

Click the Link below (Identifying the 4 Cs)  to take you to short vignettes about the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations - 21st Century style!



Wouldn't it be nice if we enjoyed Advent? Well, you can.  Click on the title and see how you can enjoy Advent.

Pray the Rosary
Click the link below and go!

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