Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Differentiated Instruction is for Everyone 2

Tech Tip #2: Making Sequels to Classic Shorts

Brought to you by Johan Mash … It was in my head after reading an article from AICT and it reminded me of some work Mario and I had done with some kids 3 or 4 years ago ... 21st Century Learning at its Best. Happy Days.

This is a blast from the past … These are readily available from YouTube. Click on link or pictures to view both videos. Worth the watch ... Watch and then read the book to the kids and remember to use the French accent like Roch Carrier.

This is the original classic … Roch Carrier’s “The Sweater”

This is the sequel … Roch Carrier III “The Sweater”

Why don’t you get a classic and make a sequel by acting it out and capturing it on video??

Teaching doesn't have to be "work" ... learning happens for

everyone when you have fun too!

Think like a child so that you can lead the way.

Differentiated Instruction is for Everyone

Brought to you by L.S. and her Staff from AICT … 21st Century Learning at its Best

Tech Tip #1: National Film Board Resource

Visit this site to check out videos and many with lesson plans for various subject areas … This is a blast from the past

What is it? This is a website that houses a multitude of educational video content, free to use in the classroom! How much does it cost? FREE! What grade levels does this apply to? ALL!

My personal favourite is “The Railrodder” with Buster Keaton – a trip across Canada circa 1965 … no words, just sights and sounds with plenty of laughs and I can get the lesson plans too! It’s a jumping point to other great activities. Let your imagination take off ... click on title or picture if you want to watch it now! Enjoy

Think like a child so that you can provide rich learning opportunities for the child ...