Sunday, March 4, 2012

Put a Prezi in Your PowerPoint
Here's how you can put a Prezi in your powerpoint ...

Use “slidedynamic” (amazing little add-on) to embed a powerpoint in a prezi ... easy and no cost to you. You’ll need to download something called an add-on for your PowerPoint ... This particular add-on is called “Slidedynamic”
[A] PowerPoint add-on to embed a Prezi in your PowerPoint Presentation (2007 and 2010):
1. Download and Install “Slidedynamic” add-on for PowerPoint (see url below)
Go to the bottom of the page where it says “download” and click it ...
2. Save it to your desktop ... it saves a zipped folder to your desktop
3. Unzip the folder (right clicking on it and choosing “extract all”) ... it will put another folder onto your desktop (called Slidedynamic_lite).
4. You can leave it here or cut/paste onto your C: drive (Up to you)
5. Go into the folder and click on SETUP ... this will begin to install the add-on for PowerPoint (follow the directions ... it’s a no-brainer to do)
4. Once installed, it will open PowerPoint for you and automatically place another tab in your PowerPoint toolbar area called “Slidedynamic”
You are ready for the next step
[B] PowerPoint:
1. Start your PowerPoint and add whatever slides you want
2. Go to the slide where you want the Prezi embedded
3. Save your PowerPoint Presentation in a folder somewhere ... make sure you remember where you saved it – this is the hardest thing of all we’re doing here.
We’ll come back to this ...
[C] Download your ready-made Prezi from the website
1. Download and save your Prezi from the website
2. Unzip Prezi zipped folder that you downloaded (This is called your “offline Prezi”)
3. Find your unzipped prezi and you’ll see 3 things in the folder
4. Copy the 2 folders (called “data” and “”and paste these both into the same folder you saved your already started powerpoint document (Step [B] above).
5. Great ... you’re done here. Now, go back to your PowerPoint
[D] In the PowerPoint presentation ... the one you already started from above
1. Go to the slide where you want the prezi embedded
2. Click the tab “Slidedynamic”
3. Click “insert offline prezi”
4. Your prezi will be there ... it’s the rectangle with an “x” through it ... don’t worry, it’s there!
5. You can resize if you want.
6. Click “slideshow” to watch your Powerpoint ... and in this case, your prezi. Control the prezi as you would any prezi.
You’re all done! That read and looked harder than it actually was. It’s really not as hard as the instructions look ... once you do one, you’ll see how easy it is to do. I hope this has helped you.
For more help (and visual assistance), check out my favourite place to learn how to do stuff...


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