Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rubrics Galore ... FREE

Website Review

I recently discovered a website that has made my life as a teacher a lot easier. It is a website that allows you to create and print rubrics for any subject or activity you can imagine. What I love about the website is that it is extremely user friendly, very versatile in allowing you to customize what you want included in your rubric, and best of all it is totally FREE! Not only are you able to create your own rubrics on this website in a matter of minutes, you are also able to download and print pre-made rubrics that may be of use to you. Another useful piece of information is that you don’t have to register with the site in order to gain access to the rubric maker. What I usually do is make my rubric, copy and paste it to Microsoft Word and then save it for future reference. Just yesterday I used the website to create a rubric for a book report during my 20-minute prep time. Since I don’t have the luxury of having internet in my portable I really appreciate tools that make the most efficient use of my time. I really encourage you all to check out the website below. It definitely is a teacher lifesaver!


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