Monday, January 25, 2010

The Joy of Blogging

Review on article: “The Joy of Blogging” by Anne P. Davis

I had heard about blogging and was always curious about it. It seemed like the modern “it” of technology; I mean this in regards to the social sense of communicating. After learning in class how easy it is to set one up, then use it, I am ever more intrigued by blogging. For this week’s assignment, I have chosen to read and reflect on “The Joy of Blogging” article by Anne P.Davis. I found the article very interesting and understood how useful blogging can be in the classroom, and around the world. Reading how the gr.5 class undertook a yearlong blogging project was neat. The excitement of the kids to get into the computer labs to check out their personal blogs and the comments from others was great to see. I personally, would feel as excited as the kids to see what others thought about my personal piece(s). I also liked how the teacher posed the concept of installing a water fountain outside in the playground. By doing this, the kids don’t have to always be running in and out of the school, and it would be great for doing sports outside, then having some refreshing healthy water to quench their thirst. Lastly, the part on the importance of math to us raised by the student received a nice respond by a math teacher here in Canada was cool to read about. This idea of building connections from all over the world is what true learning is all about; take education/learning outside the classroom walls. Blogging, I can’t wait.


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