Monday, February 15, 2010

AQ Jan. 2010: Reality Check

Reality Check

This should be a compulsory assignment for my junior and senior high school students before they start working on their first formal essays. It's a good and effective way to raise everybody's awareness; both for students' and teachers'. The independent study is well organized and very informative.

Among other tips, every student should know how to apply "triangle method" and before

accepting any information as truth find three credible sources with similar info.

Web Site Assessment Rubrics for W5 are self explanatory and should be included in students' research assignments on permanent basis. Great tool for teachers when looking for reliable web sites. Honestly, before I studied "reality check" I had had no clue how to tell a credible source from less credible, unless they were vividly detrimental. I had difficult time figuring out the validity of some sites and having as little experience as I have had so far with research on-line I would have rather used the expertise of our school librarians in creating assignments on Of Mice and Men , Frankenstein and many others. Well, it's highest time I started taking ownership.

Margaret Komza

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