Friday, February 26, 2010

project based learning

In today's world of the "net generation" sometimes it is best to accept the idea of students and teens attached to their computers and use it to a teacher's advantage. The idea of project based learning (new to me)using such sites as Webquest can actually awaken a student's interest in many subject areas that were deemed boring and obsolete by recent pressure on students to focus only on the math , business and science subject areas. Using web-based projects for the mandatory Independent Study Unit in History would surely eliminate all the excuses for not wanting to take history, and perhaps even breathe new life into the course itself. It's not difficult for a teen to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, at this point, it's time for teacher's to start using the computer as a mandatory learning tool and not see it as the enemy.

Attached is a website that has the image of the front page of many newspapers from around the world. Updated daily, it can be used in the classroom for world issues, geography, literacy and even cultural studies. (it came to mind when was mentioned in class.....also another great tool to use when teaching history and you need a 3D visual for the students)


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