Sunday, February 14, 2010

Teacher Tools: Flickr

If you want a website where you can download cc (Creative Commons) photos, use for and you won't be let down! It's a great site. In the search (main page), click on the "search" button without typing anything in the box. Then, click on "advanced search" link. Then, scroll down until you get to "CREATIVE COMMONS" information. Now, click in the box beside "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content". Now, go back up to the top of the page and in the "Search for" box type in your subject topic (i.e., "Canada" - if you want pictures of Canada).
Now, all the pictures you get are CC (Essentially no copyright - go to CC website for specific details - but, essentially as long as you don't charge for pictures you're using you can use the pictures). The website is ... have fun!

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