Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grade 11 Students Shine!

St. Basil's Night to Shine

Lights! Camera! Action! That was the atmosphere at the third annual presentation of Digital 2010; a showcase of student short films produced by the Communication Technology students from St. Basil's the Great College School and shown at the Yorkdale Cinemas.

The audience was treated to a fusion of works. Not only did the students shoot commercials to promote certain products, but they also used the documentary format as a vehicle to engage themselves into exploring ideas and producing an insightful series of storytelling.

Adolescence is at times difficult. Among all the changes happening to them, teenagers often have a difficult time expressing themselves and communicating to others. Filming short docs such as the ones presented, empowers the students and gives them the means to express their ideas and to take a project from beginning to end. Filming, also builds on their creativity and analytical skills while developing social skills. In other words, filmmaking involves a myriad of abilities from initial idea to final product.

Creating short docs is something that can be used across the curriculum and something that can accommodate any learning style. If started early enough perhaps in elementary school, by the time they reach high school, students may discover some hidden talent in writing, directing, editing, filming or producing.

In all, it was an enjoyable evening and something I would share and try to accomplish with my own classes. The pride shown by the students in their work and dedication was evidenced by the applause and cheers. It was their night to shine.

Kudos to Mr. Anthony Perotta and his crew at St. Basil’s.

Tina D.

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