Monday, May 31, 2010

AICT Tech Conference ... Rich Night for All

Citizenship in the real world vs. digital world- what's the difference? What skills do we teach to support successful digital citizenship? What strategies do we adopt to help students develop into responsible digital citizens?

These are some of the questions the AICT Technology Conference (supporting the Digital Citizen 2010) attempted to answer. The key note speaker was Dr. Tim Tyson, an expert of educational technology and and innovator in his use of technology to maximize student achievement.

It was an enjoyable evening filled with the buzz of new technologies on the horizon and at present, and how can we adapt them to our classrooms and student learning. After listening to the keynote speaker, and noting some key elements in his speech, I concluded that as teachers:
  • We have to work differently (work digitally)
  • We have to have transparency, i.e.. share with the rest of the world (pod casts, blogs, digital stories etc.)
  • We must redefine class time
  • Redefine how you assess student's work
  • Start creating "Rich Media" (tip: keep it short)
  • Change learning so it is collaborative problem solving (Learning "IS" collaborative problem solving)
  • Do what you say you value the most (transform that and DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU VALUE THE MOST)
  • Check out the TED conference

In addition, I attended the "Creating Digital Diaries" seminar and it was great to see children in action and participating as a "Tech Crew" member using/capturing video, editing the pictures/video and creating digital diaries or stories.

Fun night for all and the food wasn't bad either!

Tina D.

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