Monday, October 3, 2011

Gamestar Mechanic

This is a site that provides a total curriculum in game theory including design, authoring, and construction. Gamestar Mechanic will undeniably overwhelm the average educator and even the above-average computer user. Keep in mind that the theory of Game Star Mechanic is to allow the teacher to facilitate - that's right facilitate. It is the students that will become the experts and collaborate with each other while providing one another with needed help. The best way to learn about the site is for the teacher to spend lots of time checking out the various elements to the site, and then take your students there (maybe a select few) and let them check it out. If they're oooowing and wowing all the way, then it's a keeper and worthy of your time. Worth the trip? ... This is no easy-to-use or quickie website. This takes a lot of planning and preparation. It will be HARD WORK the first time you use it, but the results will be worth it. And, it gets easier the next time. The teacher learns the basics and essence of the finished product, but the kids learn a ton getting to the finished product. Highly recommended for older students (High School).

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