Monday, October 3, 2011

PBS ... Between the Lions

Sure we've done this one and not too long ago either - but a good thing needs to be seen twice or in this case 3 times. That's how good this site is. Nicely designed and easily navigated and enjoyed by the youngest of kids on their own. You start with the games that focus on a variety of educational areas, as do the video clips, which are taken from the popular show Between The Lions. Next, the stories—featuring everything from new books to old folktales to original and classics. This website does a splendid job of introducing kids (and reminding teachers) to a wide variety of storytelling methods and subject matter. Accompanying each story is a story-specific game to extend either the vocabulary or phonics found in the story itself. You can connect with Learn360 to download the video episodes to make connections. Exit stage left, stage right even!

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