Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prezi ... The Photostory Experience

This is amazing! Knowing nothing about the product, I registered and watched the how-to videos and then watched again. In all, after about 1 hour of playing and watching, I made a simple presentation that rocks. As an educator, you can get a version of Prezi that is very good and your cost is ... $0.00
Awesome and easy to use. It blows PowerPoint out of the water and adds a twist to your presentations. Visit the website and have fun. Watch and be amazed at this one ...This is it ... The Photostory Prezi ... completed in 2 hours (That includes 45 minutes of watching how-to videos). I can only get better with this stuff.

The first video is a crude and rudimentary effort, but I like it. This prezi was recorded with a screen capture and converted to avi and saved to moviemaker as a wmv ... to show as a video (easiest way to display on blog for fast turn-around) ... crude, but you'll get the point of how Prezi works and how Photostory works.

The second video was done using screen capture software (screencast-o-matic, like above - saved as an avi file) and then using avc (any video converter), converted to wmv format. This is faster and a little better quality. I did both rather fast to get it done and saved in lowest quality ... you could save to highest quality - it just takes longer to download to blog ... but worth it!

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