Sunday, October 16, 2011

TED ... Behind the Scenes with Ken Robinson

My teaching is stronger now than ever before - I now see with a clearer lens so much in what Sir Ken says and does ... my teaching with kids and with adults falls nicely into the realm of Sir Ken's views. The pedagogical aspect is so clear - the next step is that as a system we need a paradigm shift and a better understanding of what truly is important. How do we foster that which we all call "creativity". Computers are tools for creativity, but they are also dust collectors if used (or misused) a certain way. The teacher's role is so different these days - the teacher is the new deliverer of the message and how that message is delivered varies in every classroom. After spending so much on curriculum and standards ... why aren't teachers the focus?

Click on the link to go to the site or just watch below ... you'll be inspired to be passionate, follow your dreams, and do what you do without knowing what you're going to do. I use this as inspiration when I need to talk to a large group. Who's qualified to give such talks? Nobody, really. Remember, your students (children and adult) "spread their dreams at your feet ... tread lightly". We are living in changing times ... revolutionary, not evolutionary!

Behind the TEDTalk 2010 from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

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