Saturday, October 1, 2011

TitanPad ... Digital Collaboration (Google Docs made Easy)

Welcome to a post that will inform you of an amazing collaboration tool for your 21st century classroom. This tool promises ease of use, no student log in, and limited teacher set up, allowing for just in time use. You will soon see that TitanPad is really just a rather simplistic Google Doc… without the fuss! All that is needed to use TitanPad is a visit to… and a press of a button called Create Public Pad. After this quick process, a new public pad is created for the user in TitanPad. The user then shares the URL of the created pad with others. Whatever is typed from wherever, is displayed on the page in real time. Yes… I did say “real time”! There is even a chat window! This is a great tool for those that need to bring up a quick collaboration tool on the fly.

*Another tool (and information) borrowed from Michael Gorman's blog. Great site to visit!

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