Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Make a PreDio (Prezi-Video)

Do you have a cool Prezi with pictures, video clips, and neat animation and motion? Do you want it on your blog, but it's not online (with html embedding code)...Oh, you have it saved as an offline Prezi. You're okay with the computer, but all this embedding stuff, downloading, using online software and converting drives you crazy and worst of all - it's time consuming. You just want the presentation you worked so hard to do on the blog as fast as possible!! Well, here's a simple solution for you. Make a PreDio - you got it - a Prezi-Video.
The way you make a PreDio is ...
1. Make a Prezi
2. Have screen capture software available (screencast-o-matic)
3. Load screen capture and ready
4. Start Prezi to play (home)
5. Start screen capture
6. Start Prezi at a rate easy for all to follow ... play all of it
7. As Prezi is playing, you are recording it.
8. When done, stop Prezi back at home and stop screen capture
9. Save file as .avi or .wmv or whatever format it allows
10. Now, you've got a PreDio (Prezi-Video) to embed on your blog
That was Easy!

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