Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Core Purpose of Education

Basics or Core Purpose of Education (Not Subjects):

Leading a Learning Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson's closing statements made at The Leading without Frontiers Conference 
1. Personal ... don't treat people as homogeneous units, make people feel connected, recognize and celebrate diversity, connect people to their own sense of possibility, not standardized, speak to the individual, human resources are like natural resources buried deep within - our education system must provide the opportunities to get in touch with one's capabilities, create a genuine sense of creativity and provide confidence. Great teachers "look in the eyes of young children and see what works for them." 

2. Cultural ... in the end, we live in a global community and we need our education to allow us to value our culture and engage with the cultures of others in our community and creates a sense of tolerance.

3. Economic ... powerful economic purposes ... we are living in a revolution and tumultuous times ... factors that exceed - technology and population boom.

IBM ... 3000 corporate leaders from around the world were asked What are the challenges being faced? 
1. How to cope with complexity?
2. How to develop resilience and adaptability?
3. How to promote a genuine sense of creativity?

The "power of imagination" leads to the "power of creativity".  It's what sets us apart from other living things on Earth. 

"Creativity is nothing more than applied imagination - we all have imagination, but we need some coaxing to apply it."

"Creativity is the child of imagination" ... what does it mean in practice?  It must be the centre of education ... to increase this power, celebrate and harvest these powers - and this will allow us to anticipate the future.

For more from Sir Ken Robinson (on this website), click the link below:


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