Sunday, February 24, 2013

Topics in Education

The first 11 episodes of the 2012-2013 season are listed below.  However, you can click the link above to view all other episodes from this year or previous years.  Many wonderful and enriching videos, documents, and interviews practices are available.  Best practices deserve to be emulated!  

High School English
We'll see how teachers, including 2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling, are working to implement the Common Core State Standards. As students are asked to go deeper into every text they read, we'll see them dissecting, discussing, and debating their way through complex lessons.

Connecting the Arts to Academics
Take a look at how schools are incorporating the arts into their curriculum. See a wide range of lessons from first grade to high school where students learn about math, science, discipline, leadership, and foreign languages through the arts.

Inquiry-Based Teaching
A look inside New York’s Urban Academy Laboratory High School where two teachers lead student-driven, student-centered classes. Watch animated discussions unfold when students are challenged to analyze difficult texts in a setting where there are no right or wrong answers.

Middle School
See how middle school students in America are being prepared for high school. Follow along as students read a fairy tale to learn the concepts of plot and theme. Find out why passing notes is encouraged in a sixth grade class. Learn how some teachers are motivating young learners by tapping into their interests.

Social Studies Essentials
Watch students engage in rigorous lessons about socio-economics, community, and history. We'll start in first grade and finish up in high school with some extraordinary teachers who provide their students with unforgettable experiences in order to learn complex concepts.

Technology and Science
Visit classrooms across America where hands-on lessons capture students' interest and imagination. See biology, physics, and chemistry in action and learn about some innovative ways teachers are using technology in the classroom.

Arts Essentials
Take a look at how teachers are designing arts programs that promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Visit several classrooms where art, music, dance, and drama are used to teach math and writing – along with helping students develop social skills and self-confidence.

The Common Core State Standards
Watch teachers break new ground putting the Common Core Standards into practice in Math and English Language Arts. The emphasis of these lessons is on deeper thinking, analyzing, and problem solving to better prepare students for success in college and future careers.

Digital Literacy in the Classroom
Students learn how to become proactive digital citizens. From understanding safe behavior online to learning how to find reliable sources to seeing how online activity leaves a lasting identity trail—these lessons are designed to develop critical thinking skills.

Bullying at School
A look at three innovative approaches to tackling the serious issue of bullying. Visit three schools where parents, teachers, and students are implementing bullying prevention programs that are making a big difference in students' lives.

The New Teacher Experience
Follow two teachers in Los Angeles for an intimate look at what the experience is really like. Many beginning teachers are given keys to their classroom and left to sink or swim in isolation. But, with the support of mentors, these teachers persevere through the trials and tribulations of their first year.

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