Sunday, October 13, 2013

Special Education Should Just Be Called EARLY INTERVENTION

It is just amazing that all kids are involved in special services and the fact that one classroom can have as many as 3 or 4 teachers involved in a child's learning.  The "Special" teacher works in the classroom and in another classroom - sounds similar to what we should be doing. 

Teachers collaborate with one another to work out the issues and concerns about a child ... every child with a concern or need is discussed.  The time spent to deal with the students issues/problems are dealt with - this is student "well-being" as put forth in the TCDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan.  The classroom time is reduced, but teachers spend lots of time collaborating, communicating with colleagues, families, community partners, and students.  Why is it that what we have in writing isn't what is happening in the schools?  Why does it come down to $$$?  It seems to me that if we spend the money at the front end (i.e., give the special services when the kids are younger), we can significantly reduce the amount of money spent at the back end (i.e., when kids have more problems in high school or in society in general).  I think Finland has something here, and we should look more closely at it - forget the $$$, think of student success!

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