Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Principal is the KEY to a School's Success

Let me start off with:  The title is wrong ... The Principal isn't the key to a school's success ... it's the teachers.
I'm sorry, it's true.  Don't get me wrong - the Principal is very important, very important indeed.  He/She plays a role, an integral role in the school's success (or failure) as an institution of learning. The Principal can be a lot of things and usually wears many hats and without the Principal/Head Master, there are issues ... But the one thing the Principal is not, and never will be, is the KEY to success and achievement!  The Principal is an integral part of success once the KEY opens the door, but the Principal will never be the KEY and rightfully should never be the KEY -
         Gandalf needed Froto - why?
                   Jesus needed disciples - why?
They needed a KEY to unlock understanding, commitment, motivation ... a KEY to LEARNING.
                            Principals need teachers - why?
The KEY opens the door to the success - in our case, the success of a school and consequently of its inhabitants ... Without a KEY, all you have are a vision\prophecy, a budget, a title, a pedestal\forum, and if you're lucky, you've got a small cozy office with a little window with a street view.  With all this, the Principal needs a KEY ... one KEY to begin to unlock it all in hopes that others will follow through the doorway that is unlocked and become themselves keys to learning.
The Principal can start the fire (and good ones do and they fan the flames for a long time), but in the end, the Principal needs a KEY ... oh, and a MASTER KEY would be even better in terms of time commitment and reducing the number of failures or locked doors that should seemingly be unlocked, but that's another parable or tale for another time.

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