Friday, February 5, 2016

About Stuff

A must-see ... these videos are not just for entertainment, but for educational purposes for teachers and for families alike.  They can make you think twice about ... STUFF in your life and how you live and what you can do so that your life is not ruled by all that STUFF!
Stories about MORE STUFF of Interest (Word Doc Version)
Click above and you'll be taken to 6 more neat little videos about other stuff, like cosmetics, bottled water, electronics, and more. Click the logo on the right and go to their website and even more amazing stuff about .... well, STUFF!
Click here for pdf version of More Stuff 
Loop Scoops - PBSKids: Learning about STUFF ... select a topic below
Electronic Game Devices:


This is a very short and easy to follow progression of where we've come from using the lens of technology in the field of education. Click on the title link above.

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