Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comic Life

I was able to check out Comic Life at one of the schools at which I was a supply teacher. I used it several times since to check out features. It seems as though the board only has it installed on the more recent computers. I’m not sure if it would run on the older models. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the basics and make a blank comic. That’s when I realized I had no pictures on my network account. During a computer lab session with a grade 4 class, I was able to download some Harry Potter pictures and use those. Yes, I know that that is probably against copyright laws but I figured since I wasn’t going to publish and distribute then I would be safe. A few of the boys in the class saw what I was doing and were intrigued. They watched over my shoulder as I explored the program, giving Harry, Ron and Hermione some nonsensical dialogue. By the reaction of the students I can see how effective using graphic novels can be with piquing the interest of young male students. The article we were given, written by Manfred von Vulte, explores this further. I look forward to using this application in a future classroom. Based on the samples shown us by John and what I was able to produce, I think it would be very useful and effective in the classroom. I’m sure that if I were to use images more of interest to the female students I’d be able to interest them as well.


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