Sunday, January 24, 2010


Whenever I can, I will surf the net or sign up for a workshop to see what new and interesting lesson, video or idea I can find in order to use or incorporate in my lessons. Several years ago I was given a website that I am sure many of us have been given, but never thought of actually launching and “checking it out”. This particular website will have icons that will link one to other websites for all areas of the curriculum and for various grade levels. There are ideas from k-12. I use the science section a lot, as there are interactive lessons that can be used on the Smart Board. An actual activity that is already done for you and the students will love it and learn at the same time. The website is

You do not need passwords or userids. I noticed that the site is maintained, so there is no fear of it being stale. Once in the website, I go into Science and find Simple Machines.

When I click on the Simple Machines heading, it takes me to the following website:


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