Saturday, January 30, 2010

The SMART Board

Smart board Presentation:

I was really looking forward to this presentation. For me, it was like the main event of the course. The reason I was excited about it was that I know what many, many possibilities that can come out of the smart board and smart board resources. The presentation only reaffirmed the ideas I had of the smart board. Just getting a few samples of the activities/lessons that can be done was wonderful. As well, having all those thousands of links at our fingertips ready to go, only reduces the "excuses" of saying the technology is "too advanced, confusing or requires lots of work" to understand. Only spending time on the board and its resources, will one be able to get more comfortable and confident with it. Having two at our school, and getting the chance to use one next term, really allows me the chance to bring the lessons to life for the students. My class will definitely like the smart board, and want to participate more because of it.


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