Sunday, January 31, 2010

SMART Board Fever

Smart Board: Semester 2 starts on Monday and I already resist thinking about using overheads and blackboard. Good sign...maybe SMART motivation is kicking in to "make old lessons new again." Two Grade 11 Academic English classes and one Grade 9 need to be introduced to their course outlines, assessment & evaluation , plagiarism threats, reading materials etc. Then for their first assignment they will research two articles for pro and con arguments whether Canada should keep sending our troops to Afghanistan. It is their task to develop a formal persuasive essay that deals with this question. Seems to me that smart software would make my lesson more interesting for a class of 34 eleven graders who grew up in the internet reality so different from the one I grew up in … yet they still need to go through article reviews and essay writing. It would be great having them go over the two articles together in class looking for arguments and supporting examples before they sit down to write their own essays.


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