Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Safety:
The reason I picked this site is because before any child, or even adult, uses the computer, specifically, internet sites, one should know what to keep an eye out for. One major area is safety; safety in regards to bullying. This idea of bullying on-line seemed to not be taken serious before, because no one was really getting physically hurt, but more and more recently, there have been many other ways of "hurting" and "bullying" another person. After going through the power point presentation, I saw the many forms of bullying and the stats that show just how many people have access to the internet these days. To be a cyber bully, one does not need to be a big, strong and mean person, rather it can be anyone. That is the scary thing about technology, you cannot see the other person, and therefore you feel like you have more power over others. With the students today going on these chat sites like MSN, explaining safety to them becomes even more prominent. Anyone can make up an identity and pretend to be someone or something they're not. This then becomes an easy way to bully and try and control someone else. Bullying now turns into an emotional state of hurting someone, as opposed to physical. People can use words instead of their fists. Technology is a great thing today, and can do many wonderful things, but can also be used for the wrong reasons, like cyber bullying. I would certainly use this presentation in my class.


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