Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home-School Connection

For this assignment I have been preparing a blog for one of the courses I teach.

The idea is to create a “semi” interactive course profile for the student to access from home, or, as with many high school students, as they are away from school on long school trips, functions or take two months off to visit with family.

I have created a Professional Blog for the Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology course, entitled HSP. For now this is the only internet based program I can manage as I am new to blogs and wikis. My aim, after last class working with Mario Adessa is to learn to use an interface such Moodle, or D2L or somehow find a way to create a page with space for multimedia posts created by my students and accessible to them on Learn 360.

My idea is to create a page containing each of the 4 units for this course. I have created a Photo Story presentation for the introduction of the course which is posted for my students to view. I have also listed the course units on the left hand side.

I would like to post at least the major assignments under each unit for my students and if there are any multimedia assignments, or podcasts created by the students per unit, my goal would be to post them under each unit with a follow up activity for the students. Currently there is only an embedded Youtube Video in the Sociology section that dealt with youth attitudes to their view of what society will be like in their future.

At the moment, I have been able to create a seminar outline and topic schedule in PDF format for the sociology multimedia seminar presentations my students are creating this year. (I did not know how to switch my word documents to PDF as of 2 days ago, and now I learned how to change the format using free software (Adobe and docstoc) to create a URL for the PDF document to attach or embed in my blog!) Somehow I will try to find a way to post their seminars without using too much space on the blog.

Hopefully there will be a nicer and neater way to create such a site. The link to my blog is http://www.hsp2010.blogspot.com/ . I am not excited about seeing so much writing with every post and link; however, I guess that is the format of the blog.


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