Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Online Learning and Professional Growth.

As I read through the last article regarding Web 2.0 and common terminology, I realized that as more software becomes available to the general public and teachers alike, some words just don’t seem too common to me just yet! I stumbled upon the word MOODLE and I decided to figure out what it was and how I could use this software. It turns out that it is probably the interface I was looking for to create my course page! The terminology for everything associated with MOODLE is still quite new to me; however, what I realize is that many online courses offered through universities and high schools are delivering their program content with the aide of such interfaces (which allow for images, videos, chats, forums, etc to be combined all on one page). Interesting enough, all in the same day, I received notice of acceptance to an online course using D2L (Desire 2 Learn) interface which I also read about while researching MOODLE. I hope to learn something about how this interface works while trying to survive an online course for the first time in my life. Technology is great, but for those of us who are accustom to attending class in person, these online courses seem terrifying! As I reflect on our last class creating our blogs, I realize that somehow, once I manage to decode all this terminology and adapt it to my everyday lesson planning, all this temporary techno chaos of terminology and software will translate into a priceless, professional growth experience for me as a teacher.


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