Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moviemaker, Photostory, and Audacity

I have finally finished my multimedia video. John was right, once you start playing with the details it takes longer and longer. For my video, I used these three programs and I'd like to share why.

I started with Photostory, making the opening slide show. It took some time to gather all the images but once I had everything things started coming together fairly easily. I used Photostory a lot for any writing on the screen. I found text easier to manipulate where I wanted it on Photostory. Moviemaker has better text effects but the words never wanted to go where I wanted them.

It took me a while to get the hang of Moviemaker; trying to remember all the things that John showed us. I probably went a little overboard on cutting, splicing, and editing. I knew I was spending too much time when I was getting annoyed that my edited clip ran 7 hundredths of a second longer than intended.

For the soundtrack, I used Audacity to edit clip, create fade ins and fade outs. Audacity gave me more options for sound control. I figured out how long the music clip needed to be based on times from Moviemaker and clipped the music as needed on Audacity. After saving the Audacity project and making an mp3, you can import it to Moviemaker and if everything went well it will more or less fit where you need it.

The majority of my time was spent on trial and error. This being my first time using the three programs, I was pretty happy with all the options and results. There were some frustrations but the majority of them were resolved eventually. I still have no idea why Photostory won't let me open saved projects. Any ideas?


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