Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short Film and Commercials

Congratulations to Mr. Anthony Perotta and students at St. Basil’s the Great College School!

It was an evening of showcasing the digital work the students created at Yorkdale Silvercity. It was encouraging to see how creative students can be if given the opportunity to express themselves in a manner other than in written form. Students love technology, so why not encourage them to use it to benefit them in education as well? They communicated much more readily than they would have if asked to do so in a format other than this form of media. The commercials and documentaries allowed for their talents to be exhibited. There was no shortage of ideas.

This definitely was a cross curricular activity. Areas such as Social Skills, reading, writing, filming, editing…to name a few, are worked upon in making these films and commercials. Most importantly, characteristics such as perseverance, determination and patience were apparent. What a sense of accomplishment! A job well done.


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