Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creativity, The Future of Learning, and Regretting the A+

Creativity in the Digital Classroom

There are over 40 resources here for you to use ... Are they in your school? Our aim at Epiphany is to either continue using such technologies or at the very least, begin utilizing such technologies by Sept. 2013.

The Future of Learning

From school e-readers and flipped classroom models to computerized testing and online courses, educators are still grappling with ways to shift an educational paradigm of the 20th century into one of the 21st. Check out the full film above and weigh in below -- What do you think the future of education holds?

An A+ Student Regrets his Grades

An article from The Globe & Mail Newspaper

Here are some excerpts that resonate with me ...

• Education is not confined to the walls of a classroom; it stretches well beyond that.

• One of my professors once said, “Writing exams isn’t a measure of intelligence or knowledge, it’s about getting inside your prof’s head to figure out what’ll be on the exam.”

• I treated schooling and education synonymously. I had been directed not by my inner voice, but by societal pressures that limited my ability to foster personal creativity.

• Instead, we should be fostering a culture where, to paraphrase Arianna Huffington, “Failure isn’t considered the opposite of success, but an integral part of it.”

• We can’t allow learning to become passive. We need to teach students to learn how to learn – to become independent, innovative thinkers capable of changing the world.

• Culture is a problem, and we need to fix it – from the ground up. There’s a psychosocial dynamic of not questioning current practices of education. But we can’t let this get in the way. Embrace education with all your heart, and remember that schooling is only a small part of the puzzle. The remainder is what you’ll have to discover and solve through your own journey.

Here is the complete article in pdf format and the original website link:

An A+ student.pdf

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