Sunday, February 24, 2013

Self Directed Learning ... Baby Steps - Learn to crawl before you walk

The model of self-directed learning in primary students could readily depict SDL as composed of internal and external influences.
"Internal influences" comprise personal characteristics of the learner such as attitudes and dispositions, which influence the way students approach tasks, as well as their initiative, effort, and persistence. Other internal influences are personal learning strategies of self-regulation and meta-cognitive strategies of planning, checking and reflecting."
"External influences" involve the context that directs and structures an overall inquiry activity in order to reach goals, the curriculum, the teacher, the classroom, as well as the availability of resources such as books and ICT equipment."
Some articles on Self-Directed Learning ... What is it or is it not? What does it involve? Get a better understanding about SDL. I'd like to think that right now we're tentatively approaching a "Blended SDL"model; I say tentatively because we're at the infancy stage of this constructivist approach to teaching and learning.  We're all learning and moving forward as we attend to the external and internal influences as well as the machinery of the education system and culture of education - something has to give! Read up on SDL to be better informed and aware of what's going on out there. Here are just a few articles that resonated with me:

Dr Penny van Deur.pdf

Gifted SDL.pdf

SDL Article 1.pdf

10 Ways to Do SDL.pdf

Self Directed Learning.pdf


The Nature of Inquiry Penny van Deur.pdf

Overview of Problem Based Learning (PBL).pdf

A Self Directed District Model.pdf

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