Monday, October 14, 2013

If We Build it, They Will Come!

The Primary Common Room and the Student Computer Lounge ...

At Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy (TCDSB) the students have a Student Computer Lounge (SCL) ... The SCL was a vision, a plan, and an undertaking, but now it's a place that the students, teachers, and families helped to plan and create. It's a small, but significant effort we can look to as we continue to shift deeper into the 21st Century.  The room went from an old, unused computer room (where old stuff just piled up and computers were archaic) to a "purposefully functional" room where the older students meet to collaborate, create, communicate, and think critically about their work.  The room continues to be used in a very positive manner and the students want to be there ... now the reality needs to be reflected upon and taken to the next level!

Where it will go from here is up to the students and their teachers - That's the thing with imagination, you never know what will come up and where it will take you! 

Now, one-year later, the youngest students want a similar room they can call their own ... and it's coming!  The Primary Common Room (PCR) will be the cool and fun place to be for our youngest students - computers, laptops, a few meeting tables, a few desks, some chairs with wheels, bean bags, stools to sit on, comfy lounging chairs to read in, a meeting place for clubs (i.e., Board games, Chess, Structures) ... and generally, another purposeful room that kids love to be in.  At the end of the day education is and always will be about STUDENT SUCCESS!  That should be the bottom line.

Check out the videos of the SCL and when the PCR is done, you'll see that too!

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