Monday, October 14, 2013

More Respected than Doctors

The Finnish Model of Education ... An Encore Presentation

A report from CNN ... Did you know that teachers are highly regarded in Finland? - Yep, if you're a teacher there, you are held to a high status (comparable to what we hold doctors to here in Canada).  The stats show that 1 in 10 who apply to become a teacher get in ... and those who get in are the top honour students only. This differs from North America where those who apply to the Faculty of Education are closer to the middle or bottom of the academic barrel.  So, why aren't teachers seen in the same light here? - I have my theories, but that's for another discussion.  As for me, when I'm at parties (and believe me I'm not at many) or family gatherings, I personally go out of my way to avoid "education" issues - I don't want the discussion to focus on schools because before you know it the venom begins to pour out. If ever the talk begins to go into this realm, I quickly point out the current political mishap that Rob Ford finds himself in or, even better, the amount of profit the banks make every quarterly session ... or the best is, the price of gas - can you believe the prices, holy moly!

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