Monday, October 14, 2013

The Balanced School Day

The Future ... some day we will not be hesitant to take a chance and we'll all be on the same page to more readily recognize what is best ... For now our Balanced School Day Schedule will have to wait.  Here's what our schedule would have looked like if all the stars aligned!
Balanced School Day Timetable: Some day ... but not today! Those who fear to challenge the status quo have no imagination. Those who are static are left behind, forgotten, and viewed as outdated. Why is it that we ask so much of our students:  High expectations TO SHOW and DO; Try something new (not always the same old thing); Ask students to take chances and stretch themselves; Give an effort and step outside their comfort zone ... Yet ... it continues to shock me that, as educators, why don't we always ask the same of ourselves? Just a thought. 
This is called a "BALANCED SCHOOL DAY".  For more information about what this BSD is all about, check out the timetable here and then please read the information (pdf docs) directly below the timetable to better understand what the BSD is and what it is not. 
balanced Day Schedule 2014v1.jpg

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