Sunday, February 1, 2015

Singapore Math ... What do they know that we don't?

"Singapore Math"

When compared to students around the world, Singapore's students do really well in math, literacy, and in science  (as noted on TIMSS and PISA assessments) ... Worth looking at their eduation system!
TVO Presents: The Secrets of Singapore's Success (Singapore's Minister of Education)
Why does education in Singapore work?
Singapore Math featured on NBC's TODAY SHOW
Click the link to watch (3min 41sec)
Dan Rather Reports: Take a Lesson from Singapore
There is no such thing as "Singapore Math" ... it is more of a way to teach math, the books used, and a systematic way of enhancing the learning of mathematices - problem solving must be at the heart and focus of mathematics learning.  A lot of teachers are already using many elements of "Singapore Math".
Here are 2 introductory videos to help (a bit) with an understanding of what Singapore Math involves ... click each link to watch.
Introduction (Part 1)
Introduction (Part 2)

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