Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Little Bit More about Singapore Math

The term, "Singapore Math," came to Canada around the year 2000 when academics, homeschoolers, schools and the media started using books that kids used in Singapore. Since then, "Singapore Math" has been the descriptive term used by customers, educators, and the media to refer to math books and a math program curriculum used in Singapore. The term "Singapore Math" is not used in Singapore, where they just use the term "math".  Students in Singapore consistently score at the top of international mathematics comparison studies such as the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). The Singapore Math pedagogy was also one of the key research models used around the world. The diagram below shows the framework of the teachings of "Singapore Math".singapore-math-framework2.gif

The model emphasizes conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills in the teaching and learning of mathematics. These components are integral to the development of mathematical problem solving ability.  
Emphasis is also given to reasoning, applications, and use of technology. Advances in technology have changed the way we teach and learn mathematics. The computer and calculator, for example, offer great potential to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Students will have opportunities to discover, reason, and communicate mathematics. They will engage in stimulating discussions and activities where they can explore possibilities and make connections. These qualitative changes require a change in the teaching and learning approaches; incorporating activity-based and learner-centred methodologies.

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