Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bitstrips and Power4Bones

–Home school connection--

As teachers we need to create lessons that keep students interested. In September, I registered my class for 2 programs called Power4Bones and Bitstrips.

Power4Bones is a free program that teaches grade 5 children about bone health. This program uses a variety of activities. There are Web-based challenges, educational comics, coded secret messages, classroom announcements, and a public service announcement activity.

This program is not independent from classroom lesson. It does involve some directed teaching prior to launching each activity challenge that is online. Ideally this activity takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. Which is about 45 minutes in class lesson per week and the web challenges are complete at home. The students told me that they had a blast…..

Bitstrips is a site where students make and create comics. As many of you will know, you assign specific tasks for students to complete and then you allow them the independence to create their own comics.

They really enjoy creating their comics. I found that students who usually do not enjoy “homework” are actually writing and creating with Bitstrips.

Both sites are safe, educational but most importantly fun.


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